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Birthday (month, day and year): January 12, 1968

Favorite color:pink or light purple

Favorite sport:pro football or college basketball

Favorite school subject: Math

Most recent humiliating experience:You really think I'm going to put this here?? hehehehe

Children: Stephanie(15) James(11) Christopher(9)

Grandchildren: not yet(and I hope for not for quite a while)

Nicknames: Virg and Virgil

Hometown: Topeka, KS

Pets: Chewie(male rottwieler) Callie(female cat)

Favorite type of music: I listen to a little bit of everything but probably country the most.

Hobbies:the computer of course, my homepage and reading

Favorite word or words: yeah right

Favorite town to chill in: right here in Topeka

Favorite drink (non alcohol) Pepsi

Favorite drink: (alcohol) Amaretto Sour

Favorite song: It's Your Love by Tim McGraw

Favorite web site: too many to really narrow it down to one

Times you've been married: 2

Favorite season: Spring

Favorite holiday: Christmas

Favorite movie: Close race between Titanic and Gone with the Wind

Favorite flowers Roses

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